Palm Beach SCORE Workshops

Small business training workshops throughout Palm Beach County, lead by local experts + online webinars, elearning and interactive courses to help you get started learning new business strategies right now.

Workshops include topics such as:

Financial Forecasting for your Business Plan, Exiting your Business, Introduction to Business Ownership, Strategic Steps to Growing Your Business, Financial Management, Intellectual Property – Patent, Trademark, & Copyright for Small Businesses, Build Your Business with Live Video, Grow Your Business with People, Simple Steps for Hiring Your First Employee, Constant Contact Hands-On Marketing Boot Camp, Strategic Steps to Growing Your Business – Marketing, What You Need to Know About Tax Cuts, Growing Your Sales, Managing Operations, Creating Customer Value and Engagement, Principles of Persuasion, Writing a Business Plan for Success, Quickbooks 101, Win More Business With Social Media, Developing your Marketing Plan, Public Relations and Branding, Funding Your Idea, Understanding SEO, Create Your Communications and Marketing, The Power of the Inbox,

There are workshops every month up until September 2018. Check out the dates and register here: https://palmbeach.score.org/workshop

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